Mischa Barton has signed to star in the thriller Homecoming, which Voltage Pictures is introducing to buyers here.

Barton will play an obsessive small town woman who tries to get back with her former high school sweetheart when he returns with his new girlfriend for homecoming football weekend.

Morgan J Freeman will direct the Animus Films and Paper Street Films project and producers Jim Young, Bill Papariella, Bingo Gubelmann, Austin Stark and Jack Heller are in talks for the other two leads.

Frank Hannah, Katie Fetting and Jake Goldberger wrote the screenplay. Nuala Barton, Benji Kohn, Chris Papavasiliou and Richard Bard are serving as executive producers.

Voltage's vice president of sales and acquisitions Nadine de Barros brokered the deal with David A Pierce on behalf of the producers.

'Considering similar recent films like Disturbia and Friday Night Lights, we are confident that all of the elements are in place for Homecoming to be a creative and commercial success,' Stark said.

'We couldn't be more excited to be working with Voltage on the sale of this film,' Papariella said. 'We wanted to work with them from the beginning because of their selectivity and careful attention to each film they represent.'