The festival, which opened in Dublin, is now moving to the UK with the aim of promoting Polish cinema.

The Play Poland Film Festival, a mobile film festival aimed at promoting Polish cinema internationally, is to take place in 6 cities in the UK between now and December 2011.

The UK-wide festival has been set up in response to a survey by not-for-profit organisation Polish Art Europe, which showed that 95% of those questioned felt there were too few Polish films shown in the UK.

Polish films being screened include Jan Kidawa-Blonski’s 2010 feature Little Rose, Ryszard Bugajski’s General Nil, Dominic Matwiejczyk’s Black, Grzegorz Lipiec’s Horizontal 8 and Mystification, directed by Jacek Koprowicz.

The festival, which opened in Dublin, is due to commence the Scottish leg of its tour on August 2, with screenings taking place in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

It will then move on to the UK cities of Oxford, Birmingham, Liverpool and Belfast, closing in December.

“We believe that Play Poland Film Festival will considerably improve the situation and will give Polish film artists an opportunity to visit the UK more often,” said the festival’s chairman and director of Polish Art Europe Mateusz Jarza.