Production andinternational sales house Mobius Entertainment has acquired the comedy project Rockit, which centres on the competitive worldof rock, paper, and scissors tournaments.

The pitch wasbrought in by Mobius executive Amanda Blue, who will oversee the development ofthe project.

Styled as being in the vein of Dodgeball, the picture exposes the burgeoning sport from theperspective of a small-town toy factory worker who works his way to the finaltournament.

Mobius' current projects include the thriller Fade Out starring Billy Bob Thornton, Milla Jovovich, andDylan McDermott that will be directed by Michael Cristofer and produced byGeyer Kosinski; The Wendell Baker Story, a romantic comedy starring Luke Wilson, Owen Wilson, Eddie Griffinand Eva Mendes, among others; Dead Fish starring Gary Oldman, Robert Carlyle, Terence Stamp, and Elena Anaya; AlphaMale starring Danny Huston and JenniferEhle; and the action thriller Chaos,which stars Wesley Snipes, Ryan Phillippe, Jason Statham, and Justine Waddell.