Modern Entertainment hasannounced it is expanding into worldwide sales and will be offering two newindependent pictures at MIFED, the Australian action thriller The Pact and the US erotic action thriller Fear Of Speed.

'We have been exploringthe market for some time now and we believe that these films offer enormousopportunities. They skew perfectly towards a young audience, ' Michael Werner,president and CEO of Modern Entertainment, said in a statement.

The Pact stars Australian leading lady Sigrid Thorton, whosecredits include Sea Change and The Man From Snowy River, and Robert Mammone as friends who pledge to changethe world within 15 years or take part in the dangerous stunt of 'trainsurfing'. It was produced by the Australian production company 3 Spears AvalonFilms and directed by Strath Hamilton. Fear Of Speed is described as a street rod racing film with'a healthy touch of eroticism'. It was produced by A55 Films anddirected by Jeff Centauri.

Until now ModernEntertainment's core business has been distributing library titles todistributors and broadcasters but in recent years it has expanded the librarythrough acquisitions and licensing deals. Recently it moved into co-producingand distributing formats, reality shows and dramatic series, most notably withLions Gate for the TV series, Stephen King's The Dead Zone.