Mick Davis' Modigliani, which stars Andy Garcia as the Italian Modernistpainter and chronicles his rivalry with Picasso, will open the MiamiInternational Film Festival, which runs from Feb 4-13 2005.

Rebecca Miller's familydrama The Ballad Of Jack And Rose,starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Catherine Keener, will receive its US premiere aday later.

Joaquin Oristrell's Spanishfarce Unconscious, set in 1913Barcelona and starring Luis Tosar and Leonor Watling, also screens on thesecond day.

"We are pleased to announcea richly diverse slate of films, all of which are eminently worthy of thisyear's festival," festival director Nicole Guillemet said in a statement."Without exception, these films tell great stories and are representative ofthe wealth of outstanding international cinema."

Guillemet also announced aretrospective of French anthropologist and filmmaker Jean Rouch, and aprogramme looking at world issues and depictions of personal struggles for lifeand dignity.

Titles in the latterprogramme, The Big Picture: Theatre Of Truth, include Bahman Ghobadi's TurtlesCan Fly, Simone Duarte's documentaryEn Route To Baghdad, and LuisMandoki's drama Innocent Voices.

Other features set to screenin the festival include Amma Asante's drama A Way Of Life, Keith Beauchamp's documentary The Untold Storyof Emmett Louis Till, and Juan PabloRebella and Pablo Stoll's drama Whisky.