Mona Lisa Smile grossed an estimated $3.3 from 1,920 screens for Columbia TriStarFilm Distributors International (CTFDI) at the weekend, raising its CTFDI totalto $39.9m and $48.6m industry-wide.

The drama fell to second place in Germany, slipping 37% on $1.2mfor a $10.7m total there.

The drama Big Fish opened second in New Zealand on $170,000 from 43 and took $2.4mfrom all its markets for a $10.9m international running total.

It slipped 25% in the UK on $1.2m for $7.8m and 18% in its secondweekend in Australia on $730,000 for $2.3m.

Peter Pangrossed $2.2m from 830 CTFDI screens for a $14.3m total for the distributor and$37.6m industry-wide.

In its first major international market, The Missing opened in Germany on 301 screens on$680,000.

It also opened in Austria on $65,000 from 31 screens. Figures forSwitzerland will become available this week.

Overall TheMissing, a Western-setthriller, took $800,000 from 348 international screens.