In a vibrant weekend in which both PPI’sMonsters Vs Aliensand UPI’sFast & Furiousgrossed more than $30m it was the former that ran out the winner as it debuted in 43 territories and grossedan estimated $34.2m overall from 6,991 sites to raise the early international running total to $47.7m.

Fast & Furious was the weekend’s pound-for-pound champion as it took an extraordinary $30.1m from 3,158 sites in 32 territories in the best international debut for the franchise, combining with a remarkable $72.5m North American launch to produce a $100m global weekend.

Monsters Vs Aliens opened at number one in the UK on $6.5m from 643, of which $3.3m came from 464 conventional sites, $2.9m came from 172 3D locations and $303,000 came from seven IMAX sites.

In other key results, including the conventional, 3D and where available IMAX breakdowns in parentheses, Monsters Vs Aliens grossed: $3.2m from 547 in Mexico ($1.4m from 464, $1.7m from 76 including $1m in previews, and $51,000 from seven); $2.9m from 537 in Spain ($1.7m from 454 and $1.2m from 83); $2.9m from 293 for number one in Australia ($1.8m from 241, $1m from 50, and $97,000 from two); $2.7m from 555 in Italy; $2.1m from 746 in France; $1.5m from 726 in Germany ($1.1m from 579 and $407,000 from 47); and $1.3m from 295 in Brazil ($820,000 from 295 and $501,000 from 44).

PPI sources said despite unseasonably sunny weather in Europe, the film outperformed comparable 3D releases in most countries in the region, surpassing Bolt by 51% in the UK and Spain and by 22% in Italy. Elsewhere, PPI said the film enjoyed more favourable market conditions and beat the comparable debuts of Boltby 67% in Australia, 34% in Mexico, and 58% in Brazil.

In common with the trend seen in recent releases, 3D screenings proved particularly popular. In the UK, the screen average for 3D locations was $17,000 compared to only $7,000 for conventional cinemas, a ratio of nearly 2.5 to 1. This statistic was echoed in Australia ($20,000 compared to $7,000), Brazil ($11,000 compared to $3,000), and Germany ($9,000 compared to $2,000). Of course when making such comparisons it is important to remember that exhibitors charge premiums on 3D ticket sales.

PPI’s Watchmen grossed $1.8m from 2,112 locations in 60 territories for $71.7m, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africaadded $638,000 from 299 in its third weekend in Japan after a 33% drop for $9.5m and stands at $414.1m overall, and Hotel For Dogs raised its tally by $621,000 from 1,200 sites in 47 to $40m.

Fast & Furious lived up to its title and opened number one in almost all its markets including Germany, Austria, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Denmark, Greece, Iceland, Israel, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Turkey, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand.

Highlights include Germany with an outstanding $6.5m from 597 sites and 40% market share, Spain on $3.6m from 335 sites and 30% market share, Austria on $1.1m from 79 and 46% market share and The Netherlands on $1m from 96 dates with 40% market share.

The film took $4m from 453 in Mexico and 42% market share, and $2.1m from 193 in Brazil and 50% market share. South Korea delivered $1.1m from 276 venues and Thailand opened with a phenomenal $1.2m from 49 dates and 65% market share. There are 32 territories to open over the next month including the UK, Russia, France and 16 others next weekend.

Working Title’s The Boat That Rocked, loosely based on the story of the 1960s pirate radio station Radio Caroline, opened in second place in the UK on $2.8m from 461 and arrives next weekend in Australia and New Zealand.

UPI’s crime caper Duplicityadded $3m from 1,775 sites in 20 territories for an early $17.2m running total. There were no new debuts, however the film added $900,000 from 372 in its second weekend in France for $3.5m, $370,000 from 240 for $3.5m after three in the UK, and $460,000 from 190 in its third in Australia for $2.7m. There are 45 to go including Mexico and Italy next weekend. Horror release The Unborn grossed $800,000 from 1,200 dates in 37 territories for $27.9m and there are 18 territories to go.

Summit International’s sci-fi thriller Knowing continued its winning ways and added $8.6m from 2,325 sites in 15 markets for a $24.1m international and an $82.3m worldwide running total. Early estimates for France indicate the film launched on $2.9m from 337 sites, while it held well in second place in Australia on $980,000 from 192 for $3m. Opening weekend results for Twilight in Japan were unavailable and will be announced this week.

Warner Bros Pictures International’s Gran Torino grossed $5.5m from more than 2,550 screens in 46 markets for $81.5m. To date the drama has amassed $22m in France, $11m in the UK, $10.1m in Australia, $9.1m in Italy, and $4m in Germany. It opens in Japan on April 25.

Sony Pictures Releasing International’s Paul Blart: Mall Cop grossed $4.2m from 1,441 screens in 14 markets for an early $20.2m. The comedy ranked second in its second weekend in Germany after dropping 52% and adding $1.9m from 507 for $6.6m, and fell 41% in its third weekend in the UK on $850,000 from 385 for $5.2m. Australia has generated $2.5m after three and Austria has produced $1.4m after two. The banking thriller The International added $1.1m from 805 in 39 for $23.9m and debuted in fifth place in Japan on $650,000 from 280.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International’s Confessions Of A Shopaholic added $2.5m from 1,500 screens in 32 markets for $48.9m. The romantic comedy ranks third in Australia in its fourth weekend after adding $475,000 from 240 for $5.1m and opens next weekend in Brazil.

Race To Witch Mountainadded $1.8m from 1,052 screens in 12 for an early $9.2m ahead of a big upcoming weekend that will see the family adventure arrive in the UK, German-speaking Europe, Australia New Zealand, Taiwan and Argentina.

Bedtime Stories added $1m for $108m, Beverly Hills Chihuahua grossed $650,000 for $49.1m and still has German-speaking Europe to go on April 30, while Bolt stands at $179.2m and opens in Japan in August.

Fox International’s family release Marley & Me opened in its final three territories and took $6.7m from 3,000 screens in 30 markets for $83.2m, powered by a $2.3m Italian debut on 360 that ranked second. The film added $1.4m from 484 in its fourth weekend in the UK for $17.8m and took $1.1m from 438 in its second weekend in Japan for $4.7m and ranks as the number one Hollywood release.

Dragonball Evolution gets a huge push in 27 markets next weekend when it should take major strides towards the $50m mark, This weekend the fantasy adventure grossed $2.4m from 2,400 in 12 for $25.3m and debuted in seventh place in France on $1.2m from 374. After four weekends it has amassed $8.4m and $8.3m in Japan and China, respectively.

The comedy Bride Warsstands at $55.2m from nine markets to date, while action title 12 Rounds launched in nine smaller markets this weekend and stands at an early $1.9m form 16 overall.