A day afterToronto claimed that it would present the world premiere of John Duigan'swartime romance Head In The Clouds, The Montreal World Film Festival has declared that the film willpremiere ahead of Toronto in Montreal.

The film stars Stuart Townsend, Charlize Theron andPenelope Cruz.

The picture isone of six new additions announced by organisers at Montreal,which runs from Aug 26-Sept 6.

The others are GiuseppePiccioni's Italian romance The Life I Wish For, which will play in the World Competition strand;Gregory Jacobs' directorial debut caper film Criminal starring John C Reilly, Diego Luna and MaggieGyllenhall, which will play in the Cinema Of The Americas - USA section; andDanny Verete's Israeli-Canadian-German comedy Metallic Blues, which will screen in the Cinema Of Europe section.

Rounding out thenew arrivals are Thom Best's directorial debut on the drama Ice Men, which will play in the Cinema Of TheAmericas - Panorama Canada section; and Argentinian director Fernando Solanas'sessay on globalisation Memoria Del Saqueo - A Social Genocide, which will play in the Cinema Of TheAmericas - Latin America section.