The 26th annual Moscow International Film Festival (June 18-27) rolled out its official programme yesterday at a press conference in central Moscow.

One of the the major issues of the day was where the event would be held after its traditional headquarters in the historic Manage hall next to the Kremlin was destroyed by a fire earlier this year.

The festival headquarters will be at Dom Kino, the home of the Russian Filmmakers' Union, which formerly housed some screenings but will now house most of the administration of the festival as well as other events. Screenings will continue to be spread out across cinemas around the city.

The festival budget of about $3m continues to be largely funded by the state. The jury will be headed by director Alan Parker. He will be joined by Polish actor Jerzy Stuhr, Russian detective writer Boris Akunin, film critic Armen Medvedev, German actress Barbara Sukowa and French producer Humbert Balsan.

Renat Davletyarov, the festival's general manager said: "The main theme of the festival this year will be cinema in the context of the other arts"

One of the major changes in the programme is that instead of half a dozen different programme sections outside the main competition there will be a single section titled 'Panorama'.

There will also be a second competition titled 'Perspectives' based on the erstwhile second competition strand in Venice. The programme will also screen the best of Russian films produced over the past year.

Stars expected to attend (but not confirmed) are David Carradine, Isabelle Adjani, Emir Kusturica and Meryl Streep, who is arriving to celebrate her birthday in Moscow on June 22.

Quentin Tarantino, whose Kill Bill: Vol 2 opens the festival, is expected, but then he was also expected last year, but failed to turn up.

Competition Programme

Angulimala. Director: Sutape Tunnirut.
Ben's Biography / Habiographia Shel Ben Director: Dan Wolman..
Goddess Of Mercy / Ya Guanyin Director: Ann Hui .
Revolution Of Pigs / Sigader Revolutsioon Director: Jaak Kilmi, Rene Reinumagi,
The Harvest Time / Vremia Zhatvy Director: Marina Razbezhkina
Details / Detaljer Director: Kristian Petri,
A Different Loyalty Director: Marek Kanievska
The Earth's Skin / Piel De La Tierra Director: Manuel Fernandez.
Olga's Summer. Director: Nina Grosse..
National Bomb, Director: Vagif Mustafayev,
Portugal S.A., Director: Rui Guerra.
Talking With Mom / Conversaciones Con Mama Director: Santiago Carlos Oves.
Kiss Me First / Prima Dammi Un Bacio Director: Ambrogio Lo Guidice
So Cute / Kul Yeo Wo Director: Kim Soo-Hyun
Papa Director: Vladimir Mashkov
Us / Svoyi Director: Dmitry Meskhiyev
Hazardous And Unwealthy / Varea Anthigina Director: Antonis Papadoupoulos,

Competition 'Perspectives'

The Moonless Night / Nata Pa Hene Director: Artan Minarolli ,
Possible Changes / Ganeunghan Byeonhwadeul Director: Min Byung-Kook
The King Of Thieves / Kral Zlodejov, Director: Ivan Fila ,
My Mother / Ma Mere Director: Christophe Honore,
Nina , Director: Heitor Dhalia
Mysterium. Occupation / Mysterii. Okkupatsiya Director: Andrei Kudinenko,
The Hotel Venus, Director: Hideta Takahata,
The Lost Love / Perduto Amor Director: Franco Battiato,.
Russkoye , Director: Alexander Veledinsky,
Fear Of Intimacy , Director: Vincent Chui
Fraulein Phyllis, Director: Clemens Schonborn ,