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    Russia on target to produce more than 160 films in 2005


    Russia is on target toproduce more than 160 feature films this year with an economic boom drivingproduction funding and an increase of 40% at the box office last year makingfilm production start to look attractive for local backers.

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    Submarine drama triumphs at Russian Oscars


    Other nominees for Best Film were Pavel Chukhrai's ADriver For Vera, Valery Todorovsky's My Stepbrother Frankenstein,Vladimir Mashkov's Papa and Dmitry Meskhiyev's Ours.

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    Russian box office surges over 40% in 2004


    The Russian box office grew by 41% to $268m lastyear, while admissions surged to 76.5m according to latest figures.

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    2004: Russia comes in from the cold


    This year was dominated by the boom in Russian film-making.Some 120 features have been shot in 2004 and every week Moscow sees thepremiere of at least one or two new local titles.

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    Eastern European film industry enjoying bumper year


    With a production boom in progress in Russia, commitmentsfor increased government funding in Poland and a major new player in theBaltics entering the field the film industry in the east is seeing its bestyear in a decade.

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    Russian distributor, exhibitor team to market talent abroad


    Russiandistributor Michael Schlicht and Moscow based exhibitor Paul Heth have teamedup to market Russian film talent to Hollywood following their successfulbrokering of Russian blockbuster NightWatch to 20th Century Fox.

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    Child abuse drama signals new direction for Polish film


    The festival in the Baltic seaside resort wrapped over theweekend. Young newcomer Magdalena Piekorz swept to victory with her debut TheWelts (Pregi), a hard hitting story about child abuse which earned her theGolden Lion for best film as well as four other awards including bestproducer's prize for Tor Studios.

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    Russian fighter jet company backs $10m action film.


    Russianmilitary aircraft manufacturer Sukhoi is backing a new $10m Russian actionmovie Mirror Wars starring MalcolmMcDowell and other Hollywood actors.

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    Private equity fund invests in Russian exhibition


    Russian exhibitorand entertainment complex developer, Investkinoproyekt, has announced plans toexpand in the Russian regions after attracting the single largest equityinvestment in the Russian industry $40m from international private equity groupCube Private Equity Fund.

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    Polish art house festival breaks attendance record


    This year's fourth edition of Era New Horizons festival,eastern Europe's leading art house film festival, broke all previous recordsfor ticket sales with 93,602 tickets sold comparied to 56,179 last year.

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    Russian horror breaks box office records


    Russia's first realHollywood-style blockbuster NightWatch has broken the local recordfor the biggest grossingbox office hitof all time - taking justover $14.3m asof yesterday, accordingto the press service ofthe First Channelof Russian television.

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    Russian Watch clocks up record box office


    Russian produced horror film Night Watch, directed byTimur Bekmambetov, is on its way to becoming one of the top grossing filmsin Russian box office history, challenging the $14m record set by Lord OfThe Rings: The Return Of The King. Local audiences are also eagerlyawaiting the sequel Night Watch II due ...

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    Bodrov readies Genghis Kahn epic


    Russian filmmaker Sergei Bodrov is set to begin shooting hisnew film Mongol (The Early Years of Genghis Khan) this autumn. Thedirector of the Oscar nominated Prisoner Of The Caucuses is also actingas co-producer alongside Sergei Selyanov, head of the St Petersburg based STVFilm.

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    Russia revs up race car drama


    Leading Russianproduction outfit Top Line Productions, headed by Sergei Gribkov, is set to begin shooting this week on a newproject, car racing drama Eau Rouge (Krasnaya Voda).

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    Moscow awards Us raft of prizes


    If any more proofwas needed of the healthy state of Russian film, last night's awards ceremonyat the 26th Moscow International Film Festival should convince anysceptics.

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    Moscow Festival gets off to roaring start


    The Moscow International Film Festival got off to a roaringstart on Friday night (18 June) with guests Quentin Tarantino, David Carradine,Lawrence Bender and Harvey Weinstein taking to the stage at the Pushkin Theatreto rousing applause.

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    Tarantino arrives for opening of Moscow festival


    Director QuentinTarantino has arrived in Moscow for the Russian premiere of his Kill BillVol 2, which opens the Moscow International Film Festival (June 18-27) today.

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    East European production swings into high gear


    Therecent economic boom in Russia has made it easier to finance films - bothprivately and from government funds. Dozens of young new directors are expectedto complete new films by the end of the year with the Russian Ministry ofCulture giving priority to funding debut projects.

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    Moscow film fest unveils programme line-up


    The 26th annual Moscow International Film Festival (June 18-27) rolled out its official programme yesterday at a press conference in central Moscow.

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    Mel Gibson's The Passion Of The Christ racked up a running total box office gross of $3,822,060 in its second week at number at the Polish box office.

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