BAFTA hosted a Question Time-style event which drew dozens of interesting queries.

It turns out aspiring filmmakers are an inquisitive bunch.

Earlier this week, BAFTA hosted its first film-specific Question Time-style panel, where audience members could fire out any questions they wanted at a captive panel of industry experts.

Iain Smith did an impressive job in the faux David Dimbleby seat, with the panelists including BFI Film Fund head Ben Roberts (who was the recipient of many of the queries): Kate O’Connor, Executive Director and Deputy CEO of Creative Skillset; eOne’s Xavier Marchand, Women In Black director James Watkins, and myself.

Some highlights of the discussion can be seen in these YouTube clips:

Building a sustainable film industry here

Women in the UK film industry here

UK exhibition here

Screenwriting advice here

Supporting new entrants here

The event was so successful that BAFTA is considering more in the series. Stay tuned.