UK-based sales company Moviehouse Etnertainment will handle international sales for Bulla.

Moviehouse will offer a promo to buyers at the forthcoming EFM in Berlin.

Gary Phillips from Moviehouse Entertainment said: “We’re delighted Moviehouse Entertainment has been appointed to handle sales for the movie Bulla, we think it’ll be huge fun working on another classic UK eccentric character-driven film”.

The comedy mockumentary is about an East End gangster released from prison after 16 years; the film stars Ricky Grover, Steven Berkoff and Omid Djalili.

Producers are Grover with Paul Silver and Black and Blue Films’ Jonathan Sothcott

Grover’s Bulla character began life on UK television series The 11 O’Clock Show.

Starring Ricky Grover, Steven Berkoff & Omid Djalili, the film follows Bulla on a manic comedy roller-coaster-ride, capturing the havoc he creates around him and on the film crew trailing him.

Sothcott added: “Bulla is an uproarious comedy, poking fun at the culture of the ‘celebrity gangster.’ Here we have a loveable psycho who lives by his own code of principles and morals let loose on an unsuspecting world.”