The Motion Picture Association (MPA) today launched the Centre for Content Protection (CCP) as the first clearing house and resource centre for digital distribution and content protection in Asia Pacific.

The centre aims to expand consumer viewing choices through secure distribution of digital television as well as legal downloads, home networking and remote access.

'Consumers receive content through an ever-increasing number of paths and wish to enjoy it on an ever-increasing variety of devices - this challenges the industry to provide technological solutions to deliver and protect content in a flexible, consumer-friendly, interoperable manner,' said Jim Williams, senior VP and chief technology officer of MPA, at the launch held today at the Digital Future Symposium in Singapore.

The CCP is located in Singapore with the support of Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA).

CCP has three founding directors from MPA: Mike Ellis, senior VP and regional director for Asia Pacific; Frank Rittman, deputy director and regional counsel for Asia Pacific; and Isa Seow, director of technology initiatives.

'We are inviting 15 entities to be our primary advisory committee which will be responsible for charting the future directions of the centre. CCP will be a membership organization driven by members,' said Rittman.

Membership is open to all companies that seek to enhance their media content protection in Asia. Targeted members range widely from content providers and manufacturers to telcos and DRM (digital rights management) enterprises.