The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has established adepartment to manage and promote rights management and copyright royalty policyworldwide on behalf of its members.

Jane Saunders has been named senior vice president and will headthe new Rights Management Policy and Relations department.

The division consolidates several existing MPAA programmes, andwill promote policies aimed at protecting the rights of US producers andcopyright holders.

Saunders will oversee all departmental activities, includingrevenue agreement negotiations, rights management society operations andoutreach initiatives worldwide.

She will advise member companies on aspects of US and foreigncopyright laws in the area of collective and statutory rights management andhelp formulate lobbying strategies aimed at encouraging individual managementof rights.

'Jane has unparalleled experience in the business, legal andpolitical aspects of managing copyright royalties and dealing with rightsmanagement concerns,' MPAA chairman and chief executive officer DanGlickman said

Saunders joined the MPAA in 1995 and for the past six years hasserved as vice president, international commercial relations. Prior to that shepracticed law in Atlanta and Washington DC.