The embattledMPAA will launch the second theatrical trailer of its anti-piracy campaigntomorrow (24), buoyed by claims that July's opening spot raised awarenessamong one in five 13 to 24-year-olds.

Three monthsafter launching the Respect Copyrights campaign, a new trailer called'Movies. They're Worth It.' is going out in approximately5,000 theatres nationwide.

The trailer isproduced by 20th Century Fox and features a stuntman's sombre warningabout the effects of piracy on industry workers.

According to theMPAA more than 1,000 internet users have visited the MPAA's dedicatedsite each day for the past three months.

A survey by marketresearch company Digital Marketing Services revealed that 20% of nearly 600 13to 24-year-olds questioned said they learned that peer-to-peer downloading wasillegal after seeing trailers steamed on the site.

The trailers are part of a broader educational strategy.Nearly 20,000 classroom kits aimed at 10 to 14-year-olds have been distributedsince Oct 1 under the banner of the digital citizenship curriculum'What's the Diff''

The curriculumis funded by an MPAA grant in association with educators coalition JuniorAchievement.