Mr And Mrs Smith opened number one in France through SND over theweekend on $6.1m following a storming opening day.

The picture launched on$1.8m on Jul 27 in the third biggest French opening day of the year behind StarWars: Episode III and War Of TheWorlds, producing 895,806 nationwideadmissions.

Overall Mr And Mrs Smith has grossed $174.4m through all distributors and$137m through Fox International.

Warner Bros PicturesInternational has confirmed that Charlie And The Chocolate Factory grossed $20.7m from more than 2,300 screens in 16territories for an early international cumulative total of $37.3m.

The bulk of that haul camefrom a superb $13.93m number one UK debut from 531 venues. Mexico opened top on$1.4m on 473 prints, and Israel opened number one on $217,500 on 48.

Batman Begins is now the biggest grossing international picture inthe franchise after adding $3.3m for $156.2m and overtaking Batman Forever's $150m-plus final gross.

Elsewhere The Island added $7.7m for $24m; House Of Wax stands at $33.9m.

Buena Vista International's(BVI) Herbie: Fully Loaded added$3.8m for a $19.6m running total, led by $948,000 and $314,000 launches inSpain and Japan respectively.

Sin City opened in Brazil on $662,000 and added $1.7m over theweekend for a $25.9m international running total through BVI markets.

The Hitchhiker's Guide ToThe Galaxy has amassed $43.1m and DarkWater currently stands at $2.5m.

Fox International executivesconfirmed that Guess Who opened topin Spain on $1.4m from 300 screens. Its total international gross is now$21.4m.

Robots opened top in Japan's nine key cities on $1.5m, andlaunched in second place in South Korea on 223. It has amassed $117.5m to date.