Universal/UPI's Mr Bean's Holiday has swept past $50m within the first seven days of release and will be the one to beat overseas as it heads into the second weekend.

The comedy sequel opens in another 23 territories including French-speaking Switzerland on Apr 4, Hong Kong on Apr 5, and Brazil, Italy and Mexico on Apr 6.

Warner Bros Pictures International's (WBPI) 300 will be snapping at Mr Bean's heels though, and remains a potent force overseas. The action romp has amassed more than $128.2m and launches in Germany and Australia on Apr 5.

WBPI's adventure Blood Diamond goes out in Japan on Apr 7 and stands at more than $104.4m. Latest figures put The Departed on more than $156.8m including non-WBPI territories, Happy Feet on more than $181.4m including Roadshow territories, Letters From Iwo Jima on more than $54.4m, and Music And Lyrics on more than $73.8m including Roadshow territories.

Fox International's sci-fi thriller Sunshine gets its first openings
in eight territories this weekend and sets course for Singapore and
Taiwan on Apr 5 followed by the UK and Hong Kong on Apr 6.

Comedy spoof Epic Movie opens in four territories including France on Apr 4 and stands at $32.1m, while drama The Namesake launches in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore on Apr 5 and is in the early stages of its run.

Eragon lands in China on Apr 6. The fantasy adventure has grossed $168.6m to date, while the family title Night At The Museum opens in Vietnam on Apr 6 and now stands at $311.3m.

Latest tallies put the comedy Little Miss Sunshine on $38.1m and potboiler Notes On A Scandal on $26.6m.

Meet The Robinsons performed solidly all week to raise the international running total to $14.9m through Buena Vista International.

The animated family romp opens in Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand on Apr 5 followed by Brazil a day later. The comedy Wild Hogs rides out in Mexico on Apr 6 and Taiwan a day later and stands at $15m.

Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) opens Are We Done Yet' day-and-date with North America in Australia on Apr 5 and Mexico on Apr 6. Ghost Rider has amassed $101.2m.

Paramount/PPI's thriller Shooter opens in seven territories including Argentina on Apr 5 and executives will expect strong launches to boost the early tally of $1.9m. The Eddie Murphy comedy Norbit opens in France on Apr 4 and has taken $51m.

The drama Freedom Writers, has amassed $4.8m, opens in Germany on Apr 5, while ice skating comedy Blades Of Glory with Will Ferrell and Jon Heder launches overseas in the UK on Apr 6.

Family adventure Bridge To Terabithia opens in four territories including Taiwan and Hong Kong this weekend through Summit Entertainment. The film has amassed $19.3m internationally and will improve on the $99.6m worldwide tally as it crosses $100m.

Drama Miss Potter stands at $24.6m, animated feature Arthur And The Minimoys has taken $1.68m from Latin America, while the crime drama Harsh Times has amassed $2.4m to date, and the lavish period drama Perfume stands at $128.5m.