Munich-based production outfit MTM cineteve has successfully bid for the film rights to the biography of legendary student movement leader Rudi Dutschke.

The biography - entitled Dutschke: We Had A Barbarically Lovely Life - was published by his widow Gretchen Dutschke in 1996. Urs Egger, whose credits include Opera Ball, will direct the biopic in 2001 from a screenplay by Leni Ohngemach.

MTM is also developing a contemporary adaptation of 19th Century Russian author Ivan Turgenev's novella First Love. The book was originally adapted by actor-director Maximilian Schell in 1970 as his directorial debut and was nominated for a Best foreign-language picture Oscar. Tomy Wigand will direct the new adaptation about a 16-year-old boy's budding love for a capricious 21-year-old.