Cameron Bailey currently in Mumbai for FRAMES conference.

Mumbai will be the focus of Toronto’s City To City programme at the 2012 festival.

Cameron Bailey [pictured], Artistic Director of the Toronto International Film Festival, said: “Past editions of City to City explored how filmmakers represented their urban landscape. This year we’ll shift the scope of the program to showcase filmmakers living and working in Mumbai, regardless of where their films are set,” said Bailey, who is currently in Mumbai attending FRAMES. “There’s been an exciting evolution recently that’s seen local independent films emerge to contrast with Bollywood’s dazzling commercial movies. Whether you call it Mumbai or Bombay, this city is a massive player in the global film world, and a place I’ve grown to love in all its diversity. Toronto audiences are in for a thrill this September.”

This marks the fourth installment of City To City, after Tel Aviv, Istanbul and Buenos Aires.

The section’s line-up will be announced in August and TIFF runs Sept 6-16.