EXCLUSIVE: Cristina Garza and her team will introduce worldwide buyers on the Croisette to the Brazilian thriller.

Cannes Croisette

Tomas Portella directed Special Operations (Operações Especiais), about an elite crime-fighting unit in Rio.

When a female recruit arrives and must prove her worth she solves a crime that sparks celebration among the town’s inhabitants.

However it soon becomes clear that more powerful forces are at work and the community’s elite houses a corrupt core that does not appreciate the unit’s respect for the law.

Cleo Pires, Fabrício Boliveira from Elite Squad: The Enemy Within, Marcos Caruso, and Fabíula Nascimento star.

Mauro Lima, Tomas Portella and Martina Rupp wrote the screenplay, and Rodrigo Castellan and Lucas de Andrade served as producers. Paris Filmes distributed Special Operations in Brazil.

Mundial is a co-venture between Mexican producer and distributor Canana and IM Global.