Opening in more than 3,000sites in 30 markets at the weekend, Universal's thriller Munich was the number one title as it took an estimated $15mthrough UIP.

The UK generated $2.2m from350 sites, France opened on $2.5m from 437, Germany produced $1.7m from 394,and Italy generated $1.6m from 304.

Australia produced $1.4mfrom 172, Spain generated $1.6m from 225, Mexico produced $750,000 from 275prints, the Netherlands opened on a strong $365,000 from 71 sites, and Israelopened top on $151,000 from 30.

Universal's King Kong raised its tally by $3m to $316.5m. The figure doesnot include China, where offices are closed through Feb 7 for the duration ofthe Chinese New Year celebrations.

Jarhead added $2.2m for $24m, and Pride & Prejudice added $1.6m for $54m including France through Mars. NannyMcPhee added $1.2m for $35.8m, whileFocus Features' Brokeback Mountaingrossed $1.1m in Spain for an early $3.2m tally there.

Paramount's rapper drama GetRich Or Die Tryin' added $1.5mthrough UIP for an early $7.2m international cumulative total.

The comedy remake FunWith Dick And Jane continued apromising run through Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) as it added$9.3m on 2,675 screens in 41 markets for $41.6m.

The picture opened top inItaly on $1.9m on 325 screens, second in Taiwan on $545,000 on 100, and top inSweden on an impressive $480,000 on 57.

In second weekend holds itstayed top in the UK on $2.4m for $6.9m, and ranked second in Brazil on$580,000 for $2.1m. After three weekends Fun With Dick And Jane stands at more than $5.6m in Mexico and ranks third.

Memoirs Of A Geisha added $2.7m on 424 screens in 10 SPRI markets for arunning total of $11.4m through the distributor. It stayed top in Spain in itssecond weekend after grossing $2.1m on 208 for $5.6m.

It is understood that Geishaamassed approximately $7.6m at theweekend through all distributors for a $47.3m international cumulative tally.

Underworld: Evolution had no new openings and stands at $2.1m through SPRIand $8.4m through all distributors.

Buena Vista International(BVI) scored three palpable hits this weekend as The Chronicles Of Narnia, Chicken Little and Flightplan all performed strongly.

Narnia grossed an estimated $8.5m for a $355.7minternational running total that makes it BVI's biggest live action release ofall time. It is the distributor's third biggest ever release behind FindingNemo and The Lion King.

Globally the children'sfantasy epic stands at $633.5m and is Disney's fourth biggest worldwide hit ofall time behind Finding Nemo, The Lion King and Pirates of The Caribbean: The Curse Of TheBlack Pearl.

Narnia opened top in Hong Kong on an excellent $1m, while inits eighth weekend in the UK it added $1.1m for $75m, and in its sixth inAustralia it raised the running total to $25m.

Chicken Little grossed $6.5m for more than $125m, powered by acluster of number one debuts that generated $2.8m in Germany, $1.1m in SouthKorea, and $690,000 in Austria.

Flightplan scored a mighty number one debut in Japan on $5.3m on280 screens that helped raise the international cumulative total to $112m.Global ticket sales amount to more than $201m.

BVI's local languageacquisition Fearless starring JetLi produced four number one openings in Asia, buoyed by Chinese New Year.

Highlights included a$630,000 launch in Taiwan, $605,000 in Singapore, and a superb $590,000 debuton 60 in Malaysia.

Memoirs Of A Geisha, which BVI has in Japan and the UK, added $1.4m on248 in its third weekend in the UK for $8m. Combined with Japan, Geisha has grossed $20.3m through BVI markets.

Fox International's BigMomma's House 2 opened day-and-datewith North America in five markets on $5.4m.

Highlights included numberone launches in Australia and Mexico on $1.6m on 191 screens and $1.6m on 445respectively. It opened in second place in Spain on $1.9m on 300.

Cheaper By The Dozen 2 stands at $35.3m while The Family Stone has grossed $28m so far.

In its 11th weekend HarryPotter And The Goblet Of Fire added$2.3m from approximately 2,400 screens in 55 markets through Warner BrosPictures International for $593.2m.