Robert Greenwald's Fox-baiting documentary Outfoxed: RupertMurdoch's War On Journalism, will go on limited theatrical release this weekend through LosAngeles-based Cinema Libre Distribution - just two weeks after becoming aunderground DVD sensation.

The picture, which is essentially a sustained broadside againstalleged political bias at Fox News Channel and its notorious "fair and balanced"slogan, will initially open in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco andWashington DC.

It is scheduled to expand into select markets around the countryin the coming weeks. Cinema Libre Distribution will also release Greenwald's Uncovered:The War On Iraq intheatres on Aug 20.

Beyond its subject-matter, Greenwald's documentary has become amajor talking point within media and legal circles because of the enormousamount of Fox News footage taken from the airwaves without permission to backup its arguments concerning Fox's perceived right-wing slant.

All those involved in the documentary believe that the inclusionof such unlicensed excerpts and clips are protected from a copyright infringementlawsuit by the "fair use" exceptions constitutionally enshrined in the FirstAmendment. However, the legal precedentsgoverning fair use are still not well established in case law.

Since its debut on home video more than two weeks ago, Outfoxed has sold more than 100,000 units via theinternet. Exact sales figures were unavailable from DVD distributor TheDisinformation Company at time of writing.

Outfoxedhas generated buzz through numerous nationwide screening parties arranged bypolitical groups like, and it screened to delegates at last week'sDemocratic National Convention in Boston.

"I am amazed at the response to Outfoxed all across the country," Greenwald said. "In order to meet the demand from those searching for a fairand balanced film, I am pleased that Cinema Libre Distribution is arranging fortheatrical distribution."

In addition to the two aforementioned titles, Cinema Libre willalso handle limited theatrical releases for the UN trilogy series, whichcomprises Richard Ray Perez and Joan Sekler's Unprecedented: The 2000Presidential Election, Unconstitutional, and Uncovered: The War In Iraq.