Fox International's Night At The Museum remained the overseas champion yet again as it added an estimated $14.6m from 2,500 screens in 48 markets for $193.7m.

The family film opened top in Spain on $5.6m from 483 and top in the Philippines on $800,000 from 96. It ranked fourth in its fifth weekend in the UK after grossing $2,4m from 453 for $39.4m.

Night At The Museum added $977,000 from 461 in Brazil in its third for $8.1m. The film remains number one in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, the Philippines, and a few others.

Rocky Balboa is holding his head up high in the international arena and added $10.2m from 2,000 in 11 markets for $38.2m.

The drama opened top in France on $4.1m from 493 and top in Switzerland on $279,000 from 19. It launched in Russia on $557,000 from 231, and stayed top in the UK in its second weekend on $3.6m from 405 for $13.2m.

After three weekends, Italy generated $671,000 from 325 for $8.3m; Spain produced $516,000 from 312 for $6.3m; and Mexico produced $378,000 from 320 for $4.1m.

Apocalypto grossed $3.3m from 570 screens in four markets, punctuated by a $2.7m number one launch in Mexico from 465. It opened top in Taiwan on $336,000 from 56, and opened in Brazil on $207,000 from 48.

Borat added $155,000 from 200 screens in six markets for $118.9m. The comedy opened in South Korea on $50,000 from 20 and is now rolling out in the smaller South-East Asian and Latin American markets.

Epic Movie, the number one title in North America this weekend, opened day-and-date in Australia in first place on $1.98m from 206 screens. Overall it grossed $2.2m from 267 screens in four markets.

Eragon added $2m from 1,500 screens in 35 for $164.3m. The Last King Of Scotland took $1.2m from 272 screens in five markets for $6.1m, $5.95m of which comes from the UK, where the film ranked fifth in its third weekend and added $1m from 230 screens.

Next weekend the Uganda-set drama heads into Australia, Brazil and Taiwan, and will continue to roll out around the world in the coming weeks.

Casino Royale has crossed $400m as the Bond film added $3.2m from 2,015 screens in 48 territories through Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) for $405.1m.

It now ranks as the 23rd biggest overseas release and should overtake Spider-Man 2's $410.5m to become the third biggest Sony release behind The Da Vinci Code and Spider-Man. It opens in China on Tuesday [Jan 30], when it will become the first 007 film to open in the territory.

SPRI reported a $12.5m weekend haul for The Pursuit Of Happyness from 2,000 prints in 15 territories for a $48m international running total. The Will Smith film opened number two as the top import in Japan on $3.1m from 274 prints. The drama added $2.4m from 404 screens in the third weekend in the UK to rank third on $14.1m. It ranked top in Germany in the second weekend after adding $2.1m from 520 for $5.9m, and opened top in New Zealand on $270,000 from 51.

Buoyed by Oscar nominations, Warner Bros Pictures International's (WBPI) Blood Diamond grossed $11.6m from 2,450 prints for a $26.4m overseas tally.

The drama opened in second place in the UK on $2.9m from 371 sites, second in Germany on $1.5m from 503 prints, and third or fourth in Italy on $1.5m from 280.

Happy Feet, another Oscar nominee, raised it international running total by $3.7m from 3,140 prints to $163.1m. It opened second in Turkey behind local title Cilgin Dersane on an excellent $488,000 from 132.

The Departed added $2.8m from 1,250 prints in 33 markets for $138.7m through all distributors. The Prestige added $1.9m from 1,150 in 39 for $48.4m, and Letters From Iwo Jima raised its total in Japan to $37.6m after eight weekends.

Paramount Vantage/PPI's drama Babel, another Oscar nominee, added $3.7m from 789 sites in 12 territories for $24.8m. The picture grossed $5.4m including Summit Entertainment territories and the overall tally stands at $54.9m.

It relaunched in the director's home country of Mexico, taking $245,000 from 162 sites for $6.7m. Babel added $850,000 in the UK for $2.7m.

Dreamgirls grossed $2m from 595 sites in five territories for an early $3.5m international cumulative total. Medium-sized launches in Spain, Italy and Mexico generated $575,000 from 170 screens, $362,000 from 143, and $212,000 from 115 respectively. The Australian total is $2.1m.

Flushed Away grossed $1.6m from 2,226 venues in 57 territories for $107.1m, while Charlotte's Web took $1.2m from 1,506 sites in 29 for $23.7m.

Smokin' Aces opened top in Russia through Universal/UPI on $1.7m from 326 sites. The crime caper added $575,000 from 248 sites in its third weekend in the UK for $2.7m.

The Holiday added $2.3m from 1,952 sites in 44 territories for $114m. The romantic comedy ranked ninth in Germany on $15.4m after seven. The UK has amassed $23.8m, Australia stands at $9.6m, and South Korea has generated $8.2m.

German-language pick-up One Way, a thriller, opened in sixth place in Germany on $625,000 from 304 sites. It opened in 10th place in Austria on $40,000 from 38 and the weekend haul amounted to $664,000.

Sci-fi thriller Children Of Men currently stands at $28.7m. The film has grossed $9.2m in the UK, $2.3m in Mexico $2.6m in France, and $2.2m in Italy.

Miss Potter took $3.3m from 610 screens through Summit Entertainment

Saw III currently stands at $66.3m after adding $500,000 through Lionsgate and remains active in 30 territories.

The comedy Employee Of The Month took $530,000 from 367 screens in its fourth weekend in the UK and has now amassed $6.2m.

Buena Vista International executives did not report at time of writing.