Ruling the waves is becoming a habit for Fox International's Night At The Museum, which held firm at the top of the charts as it crossed $150m in its fourth weekend.

In fact the overseas arena minted two $150m releases for Fox International as Eragon swept past the milestone and finished third overall this weekend behind Sony's Casino Royale.

Night At The Museum added an estimated $19.1m from 5,000 screens in 34 markets to raise the running total to $150.4m, thanks to an excellent Brazilian launch and robust holds around the world.

Brazil generated Fox's third biggest opening weekend of $3m from 502. The film stayed top for the third consecutive weekend in Germany on $2.6m from 852 for $17.5m. In other third weekend results it ranks second in the UK on $3.9m from 470 for $32.9m, second in Russia on $983,000 from 391 for $10.8m, and added $1.5m from 743 in Mexico for $15.4m.

South Korean audiences in particular have taken Night At The Museum to their hearts: it's grossed $22.7m after four weekends and is on course to become Fox's second biggest release behind Titanic.

Eragon grossed $10.3m from 7,000 in 56 markets for $155m. It opened top in the Philippines on $529,000 from 118, and was in a race for the number one spot in South Korea following a $2.8m launch on 302.

Rocky Balboa took $9.5m from 1,156 screens in six markets and knocked out the competition with number launches in three territories. The drama grossed $4m from 370 in Italy, $3.4m from 300 in Spain, and $1.6m from 369 in Mexico.

Drama The Last King Of Scotland launched in the UK on $1.7m from 246, while the adventure Pathfinder took $1.9m from 441 screens in its first four markets. It opened top in Malaysia on $182,000 from 30, and opened second in Russia on $1.5m.

James Bond remains on active service in 57 markets as Casino Royale plundered another $11.3m from 4,235 screens and raised the tally to $390.7m.

Bond became only the third release to cross $100m in the UK, which it did thanks to a $1.8m haul from 325 that raised the cumulative total to $101.6m. Italy ranks third on $7.9m, Germany ranks fifth on $48.2m, and Australia ranks fourth and has taken $22.1m.

The Pursuit Of Happyness grossed an excellent $7.8m from 645 in its first two markets, opening in the UK on $5m from 413 and in Australia on $2.7m from 223. Open Season stands at $101.6m including IMAX results, while Monster House has accumulated $62.9m, fired by a third place debut in Japan on $1.2m from 250.

Universal's romantic comedy The Holiday crossed $100m through UPI as $7.8m from 2,860 sites in 45 territories raised the tally to $103.2m. The film opened fourth in Mexico on $800,000 from 237 sites, and fourth in Argentina on $150,000 from 40.

Currently on $13.9m in Germany after five weekends, The Holiday is expected to pass the final total for Love Actually next weekend. There are still 12 territories to open including Italy on Feb 9, and most of South-East Asia during the remainder of that month.

Smokin' Aces kicked off its worldwide release with a solid $2m third place UK debut from 338 venues. The action title will roll out globally over the next three months.

Children Of Men added grossed $150,000 from 100 sites in nine Universal territories to stand at $28.3m. The thriller has amassed $9.2m in the UK, $2.6m in France, and $2.2m in each of Italy, Spain, Mexico and Australia. The tally through all distributors stands at $32.5m.

Happy Feet crossed $150m for Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) as $6.6m from approximately 4,600 prints in 54 markets raised the running total to $151.7m.

The animated feature added $1.9m from 400 prints in Australia in its third weekend for $19.1m. The film has taken $33.6m in the UK after six, and stands at $10.7m in France and $9.4m in Spain.

The adventure Blood Diamond made off with $3.3m from approximately 529 prints in seven markets for an early $8.8m running total. It added $836,000 from 188 in its second weekend in Australia for $3.1m, and $416,000 from 100 in Brazil for $1.4m and $343,000 from 68 in Taiwan for $1.3m, both also in their second weekends.

Latest figures put The Departed on $127.5m through all distributors, The Prestige on $41m, and Letters From Iwo Jima, which stayed top in Japan for an incredible sixth consecutive weekend, on $33.5m.

PPI/DreamWorks Animation's Flushed Away reached $100m following a $4m weekend haul from 3,552 venues in 56 territories.

Charlotte's Web took $2.3m from 1,761 screens in 18 territories for $20m. The family title added $508,000 from 368 in Germany for $1.7m.

Babel grossed $1.7m from 267 locations in five for a round $15m through Paramount markets. The drama grossed $1.2m from 188 screens in Spain for $6.1m, and stands at $2.5m in Australia.

Lionsgate's horror film Saw III took $1.1m from 37 territories at the weekend for a $64m international running total. Comedy Employee Of The Month has grossed $4m in the UK after two weekends.

Buena Vista International executives had not returned calls at time of writing.