The family film Night At The Museum kicks off 2007 as the international champion after a formidable $47.3m three-day estimated haul raised the overseas tally to $58.1m after two weekends.

The Fox International release has grossed close to $51m in a week following last weekend's limited launch in Asia and is on course to cross $100m within a week or so.

It opened top in most of its markets. Led by a mighty $14.2m from 486 screens in the UK, $7.3m from 927 in Mexico, $5.9m from 852 in Germany, and $4.9m from 239 in Australia.

Night At The Museum added $3.7m from 368 in its second weekend in South Korea for $13.1m, a record amount for a second weekend in the territory that followed a minimal 6% drop-off.

Eragon crossed $100m in its third weekend as $20m from 6,957 raised the tally to $105.4m. The fantasy adventure opened in Brazil on $1.5m from 244 and Poland on $721,000.

Warner Bros Pictures International's animated feature Happy Feet continued to perform strongly and crossed $100m as $20.2m from approximately 6,100 screens in 58 markets raised the tally to $113.8m.

Buoyed by excellent performances in particular in the Pacific markets, the film drew more than three million international admissions.

The film opened top in Australia on Dec 26 and took an outstanding $8.7m over six days from 403 prints. It also opened top in New Zealand and grossed $870,000 over six days.

Happy Feet added $3.5m from 490 sites in its fourth weekend in the UK for second place and $26.9m, while Holland added a dazzling $939,000 to rank top after the same amount of time on $4m.

Belgium has generated $2.8m after four and also ranks top, while South Korea has produced $2.9m after two. France stands at $8.2m, Spain $8.1m, Germany $6.4m, Italy $5.8m, Mexico $5.2m, and Brazil $3.7m.

The Departed added $3m from approximately 1,900 prints in 40 markets for $116.4m through all distributors. The crime thriller opened well in Belgium on $718,000 from 74 prints and to date has taken $23.9m in the UK, $11.3m in Spain, and $11.2m in Italy.

The Prestige stands at $30.5m and climbed 81% in its second weekend in Italy on $656,000 from 184 for $2.2m. Letters From Iwo Jima added $1.4m from 322 in its fourth weekend in Japan for $22m, while Flags Of Our Fathers has amassed $24m to date.

The Holiday, released overseas through Universal/UPI, added $16m from 3,400 sites in 40 territories in its second weekend for $70m. Including an estimated $3m from Monday, the figure rises to $73m.

The romantic comedy opened in fourth place in a highly competitive Australian market on $3.5m from 219 sites, and launched in third place in France on $2.3m from 414.

The Holiday ranks fourth in the UK on $10.3m after four weekends, fourth in Germany on $8.8m after 18 days, ninth in Spain on $5m after 27 days, fourth in Brazil on $1.1m after two weeks, and $7m in South Korea after 15 days. Children Of Men stands at $33m through all distributors.

Casino Royale added $16m over three days through Sony Pictures Releasing International and now stands at $338m following $32m haul in the last seven days.

The James Bond film is the 35th biggest international release of all time and is expected to pass Men In Black's $338.7m tally on Monday (Jan 1).

That will make it Sony's fourth biggest overseas release behind The Da Vinci Code and the first two Spider-Man films. Executives expect Casino Royale to cross $500m worldwide by Tuesday.

Latest figures put the UK tally at $95m thanks to the strong pound, while Germany and Australia have generated $43.3m and $17.2m respectively.

Buena Vista International's Deja Vu raised its cumulative total by $9.5m from 3,357 screens in 25 territories to $49.4m.

The thriller opened in Germany on $3.3m and Austria on $305,000, both of which beat Denzel Washington's previous opening records by approximately 40%.

There were several decent third weekend holds, as the film added $1.4m for $6.6m in Italy, $1.1m for $6.7m in the UK, and $900,000 for $4.5m in France.

BVI's local Mexican production Cansada De Besar Sapos (Tired Of Kissing Frogs), a romantic comedy, climbed 11% in its second weekend in Mexico and stands at $2.2m.

The drama Babel added $1.5m through PPI/Paramount Vantage for $8m, boosted by a number one opening in Spain on $950,000 from 182 sites and a $500,000 over three days in Australia that raised the tally to $1.2m.

The animated feature Flushed Away added $5.3m through PPI/DreamWorks Animation for $73.5m. The film added $1.4m for $16.7m in the UK, and has grossed $7.1 in France, $4.3m in Mexico, $3.8m in Germany, and $3.5m in Italy.

Charlotte's Web took $1.7m from 1,200 sites in 10 markets through PPI/Paramount for $9m. Japan added $400,000 for $2.4m and Australia added $525,000 for $4.8m.