China will import Indian filmmaker Karan Johar’s My Name is Khan to China around the end of this month state-owned distribution company Huaxia Film Distribution confirmed today.

The exact release date is to be confirmed but it will fall around the weekend of Dec 3. The film will be released under the revenue-sharing scheme.China allows 20 foreign films a year to be released on a revenue-sharing basis.

The 20 films are predominantly Hollywood blockbusters or films that guarantee huge box office takings. My Name is Khan will be the first Indian film imported and released in China as a revenue-sharing film.

Last year Slumdog Millionaire took in more than $8m in China which showed box office potential of Indian-themed films in China, according to Huaxia. A source from Huaxia said the other reason to import My Name is Khan is to encourage more non-US films to be introduced to China.

In July, another state-owned company China Film Group released Russian action film Black Lightening to China, also as a revenue-sharing film.

20th Century Fox’s Beijing representative office will handle marketing for the film in China. And for the first time, Karan Johar and the film’s leading actor Shah Rukh Khan are likely to be invited to attend the film’s Beijing premiere.