Myriad Pictures has entered into a one-year first-look deal to make live-action features with Bangkok and US-based comic book creator Studio 407.

Studio 407's US staff will operate out of Myriad's Santa Monica offices for the duration of the deal. Myriad get first look at all potential feature adaptations from Studio 407 properties while Studio 407 staff will supervise the development and production of graphic novels or comic books based on Myriad properties.

'We are always looking for new properties and fresh ideas that will translate into marketable film properties,' Myriad's CEO Kirk D'Amico said.

'When I met Alex [Studio 407 managing director Alex Leung] and his team, I was very impressed by the quality of the storytelling and the supporting visuals. Studio 407's projects have a global appeal which is important for Myriad's sales.'

Leung described Studio 407's content as 'East meets West' with universal appeal. 'Our goal for the company was always to create comics that borrowed from both worlds, and also had potential to be interpreted in other mediums, particularly film and television,' he added.

'Myriad was attractive to us because of the quality of their film projects and the strong relationships Kirk and his team have with film distributors around the world.'

Studio 407 is getting ready to release its first slate of comics in early 2008 which include Tiger And Crane, Night And Fog and Hybrid.

Studio 407 is represented by Original Artists. Alex Leung's manager is Jonathan Hung.