Singapore production company Mythopolis Pictures announced the production of Tony Kern’s horror film Afterimages at the on-going ScreenSingapore conference.

The film, which won the Network of Asian Fantastic Film (NAFF) Award at this year’s PiFan film festival in South Korea, is currently in production and set to complete principal photography by the end of December. A theatrical release in Singapore is scheduled for August 2013.

Written and directed by Kern (A Month Of Hungry Ghosts), Afterimages is about a group of artists who burn cameras as offerings to the dead and in return receive a collection of footages from hell in the form of short horror movies.

The five stories are called Ghost Pool Lef, Xiao Bao Bao, Skin Deep, Rekindling and Burnt Offerings. They all involve local superstitions and urban legends.

“While Afterimages is set in Singapore, the location remains unnamed in the movie. It is simply a modern metropolis city somewhere in Asia,” said Kern.

“The protagonists - the film students - are international students from different nationalities. So the backstory of the legends is quickly set-up by the students explaining it at the start of each scene - the taboo, the implied horror, the consequences. And of course, events start to unravel quickly and bad things happen.”