The Chronicles of Narnia returned to the top of the international rankings thisweekend courtesy of a superb number one launch in Japan.

The fantasy grossed an estimated $9.2m in the major market andtook $10.3m for the weekend overall to raise the international cumulative tallyto $389m.

This makes Narnia the 19th biggest international release of all time and BVI executivesexpect it to cross $400m shortly. The global total stands at $678m.

Wild Bunch 3, the German family pick-up that follows on from the 2005 releaseof the prequel by BVI, opened top in its homeland on $3.6m in what was BVI'sbiggest ever local language release in the market.

Bambi 2 added$2.9m for a $25.4m running total. It ranks fourth on $2.5m in Mexico afterthree weekends.

Chicken Little added $2.1m for $172.2m and remained in the top five in the UK inits sixth weekend on $20.2m.

Warner Bros Pictures International's thriller Syriana grossed an estimated $7.4m from more than1,900 screens in 40 markets for $18.87m.

The picture opened well in the UK on $1.5m from 236 sites, anddebuted in Spain on $1.1m from 206. It launched in Japan on $521,000 on 178screens.

After two weekends Syriana has amassed $2.6m in Germany where it ranks fourth, while inItaly it stands at $2.5m in third place. France is on $3.1m. After threeweekends the thriller stands at $1.8m in Australia.

French smash Les Bronzes 3 stayed top in France for the fifth consecutive weekend,adding $3.1m from 855 screens for $71.7m.

The thriller Firewall opened number one in Australia on $967,800 from 231 screens.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's (SPRI) Fun With DickAnd Jane added $4m for$80.3m following a $1.1m Russian debut on 274 screens.

Capoteadded $2.1m from 490 screens in 32 territories for a $5.2m internationalrunning total.

The UK added $360,000 on 61 prints in the second weekend for $1m,and Spain added $335,000 on 105 for $1m after the same amount of time.

The picture opened in Germany and Brazil on $285,000 on 57 printsand $225,000 on 50 respectively. It opened in second place in Argentina on$125,000 on 18 prints.

Memoirs Of A Geisha added $4.3m for $88m through all distributors. Spain has overtakenJapan and the UK as the biggest international market with a current gross of$12.8m.

Underworld: Evolution has amassed $28m through all distributors and opened top inAustria on $315,000 on 45, second in Germany on $1.8m and second in Mexico on$650,000.

Hostel,which stands at $5.5m, opened in France on $750,000 on 160 prints.

Fox International's Big Momma's House 2 added $2.9m for $47m, fired up by a$313,000 debut in Singapore and a $596,000 number one hold in its secondweekend in Belgium that raised the tally to $1.2m.

The UK has generated $13.8m after four and ranks fifth. Taiwanopened to $103,000 from 58 screens and ranks third.

Date Moviegrossed $2.7m for a $9.2m running total, powered by a number one UK hold on $1.8mfor $4.9m after two weekends. New Zealand launched on $192,000 on 40.

The Pink Panther added $4m for $18.2m, staying top in Spain on $1.9m for $5.3mafter two weekends.

Belgium, Holland and Sweden each produced number two openings on$335,000, $268,000 and $182,000 respectively.

Walk The Line has reached $41m at the international box office. The highlightwas a $682,000 haul in the fifth weekend in Australia that raised the totalthere to $7.7m.

DreamWorks International's Munich added $2.2m from 2,283 sites in 51territories in its sixth weekend through UIP to raise the international runningtotal to $76.1m.

Latest totals put the UK on $8.5m, France on $7.3m, Germany on$6.9m, Spain on $6.7m, and Brazil on $1.8m.

Paramount's rapper drama Get Rich Or Die Tryin' added $1.2m from 351 sites in nineterritories for $13m.

Universal's Nanny McPhee added $1.8m for $55.7m with 30 territories still to open,while Pride & Prejudice added $1.2m for $72.3m with four territories to open includingSouth Korea on Mar 24.

Jarhead standsat $33.6m, King Kong hasreached $327.1m, Brokeback Mountain has grossed $7.6m in Spain alone, while The ConstantGardener has amassed$36m to date through all distributors.