NBC UniversalTelevision Distribution (NBC UTD) has launched an original content unit thatwill partner with local media companies to develop and create local programmingin international markets.

Under thedirection of Leslie Jones, NBC UTD's New York-based vice president ofinternational sales and format production, the unit will exploit NBCUniversal's existing library and will create local content for all forms ofelectronic media outside the US.

Jones'international partners will include UK-based Working Title Television as aninternational scripted development and production arm.

The finishedproduct will be licensed by NBC Universal International TelevisionDistribution's global sales team led by Belinda Menendez.

The new contentmay also be offered to broadcasters on a worldwide basis, with the option ofsubmitting content for adaptation by NBC Universal's US-based divisions.

Jones willreport to Jerry Petry, NBC UTD's executive vice president of businessoperations and sales strategy.

She previously handlednon-scripted format sales and international programme sales for NBC News, NBCSports and NBC late-night programming, as well as reality series anddocumentaries.