Close to 200projects from more than 1,400 submissions will screen at the 27th Annual IFPMarket when it runs in New York from Sept 18-22.

Under theauspices of the IFP's Independent Film Week, the market and accompanyingFilmmaker Conference offer first-run screenings and provide extensivenetworking opportunities for filmmakers.

Included in the199-title line-up are Bad Boys Of Summer, Loren Mendell and Tiller Russell's documentary about animperilled prison baseball programme scheme; Neil Abramson's Soldier Child, about a Ugandan boy who is snatchedfrom his village and forced to fight; and Scott Reynolds' Australia-New Zealandco-production The Patchwork Bear, which charts the effect of a girl's abduction on her parents.

Other tilesinclude Jim Threapleton's feature directorial debut Exposure, a UK Film Council project about aScottish hiking trip that goes awry; the period drama Cheri based on a screenplay by ChristopherHampton with Judi Dench and Jessica Lange attached to star; Dante W Harper'sOklahoma Bomber project Dreamland; and Sam Garbarski's Belgium/UK/Germany/Luxembourg project IrinaP, about a woman whotakes a job in a London sex club to save her ailing grandson.

The FilmmakerConference comprises 40 panels exploring the successful release of March ofThe Penguins, anin-depth look at the making of Mad Hot Ballroom, as well as discussions on global filmfinancing, and US tax incentives.

"In making thetransition from a principally screenings-driven forum four years ago, to aprincipally meetings-driven forum today, we've seen a surge in industryattendance," says Michelle Byrd, Executive Director of IFP.

"With more than600 from the industry already registered, 30% of those will also take part inthe more than 1,500 buyer-driven meetings facilitated by IFP throughout theweek. That's 68% more meetings scheduled than in 2004."

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