The Academy ofMotion Picture Arts And Sciences has unveiled a shortlist of seven titles inthe running for this year's achievement in sound editing Oscar.

The titles are: FindingNemo, Kill Bill: Vol 1, The Last Samurai, The Lord Of The Rings: The Return OfThe King, Master And Commander, Pirates Of The Caribbean and Seabiscuit.

Ten-minute clipreels from each of the contenders will be screened for the sound editing awardcommittee on Jan 20, when members will vote for their choices.

If two or threeproductions secure enough votes they will become the official nominees in thecategory. If only one film does so it will be recommended for a specialachievement award, while no award will be presented if none of the filmssecures the required votes.

If nominees are selectedthey will be announced with nominees from the other 23 categories on Jan 27.