Buena VistaInternational (BVI)'s Finding Nemo stayed top of the UK charts for the fourth consecutive week witha $5.8m haul that raised its territory total to an extraordinary $52m.

Overall the animated hit has grossed around $150m at theinternational box office and BVI will be eying its upcoming continental Europerollout with glee.

Elsewhere KillBill Vol 1 grossed $5.1min all BVI territories at the weekend to raise its international running totalto $29.4m.

The revenge sagaadded $1.9m in its third weekend in the UK where it ranked second and hasgrossed $14.4m to date, and $1.1m for $5.8m in its third week in Germany, whereit finished third.

Pirates ofThe Caribbean took $2.5mat the weekend for a $338.1m international total to date.

CalendarGirls added $1.3m fromthe weekend, raising the comedy-drama's international running total to $38.2m.It took $665,000 in its eighth week in the UK for $30.8m and is the seventhmost popular UK-sourced production ever to be released there.

Piglet's BigAdventure added $2m fora $34.7m international running total. The highlight was France, where in itssecond week the film climbed 33% and added $1.7m for a $3.6m cumulative score.