Finding Nemo added a little over $22m at the weekendto raise its international cumulative score to more than $440m, according toearly estimates from Buena Vista International (BVI).

The latestfigures elevate the animated hit to the 11th biggest ever internationalperformer ahead of Spider-Man, which managed $418m. Nemo's $780m global box office ranks 12th in the all-timepantheon and it is expected to climb further.

Key drivers wereFrance, where the film added $6.6m in its sixth week for $57.4m, and Japan,where it remained number one for the fifth week in a row and added $4.7m for$55.7m.

Other notableresults included Italy on $2.6m despite a 40% drop for $24.2m in its fourthweek and Germany, where Nemo added $1.6m for $50.1m and dropped 42% in its seventh week,ranking second.

The comedy FreakyFriday raised itsinternational tally by $5m to more than $35m. In France it grossed $1.7m andclimbed 50% for $2.9m in its second week, while the UK produced $1.4m andclimbed 8% for $7.3m in its third.

The animatedfamily film Brother Bear added $3.9m for a $24m international box office. It added $1.4min its third week in Mexico and ranks second on an $8.5m running total.

Meanwhile, Miramax'sAmerican Civil War drama Cold Mountain raised its UK running total to $1.5m as of Jan 3, followingits release on Dec 26 through BVI.

The acclaimedawards contender opened in 150 theatres and expanded into a further 105 at theweekend. It currently ranks fifth in the territory.

In Australia, ColdMountain has amassed $2mfrom 171 theatres and also ranks fifth.