Finding Nemo continued to plough its way throughinternational waters at the weekend, grossing $31.5m to raise its internationalrunning total to a stunning $330.2m.

With no new openings BuenaVista International (BVI) executives pointed to strong number one holds inJapan and key European territories as the weekend highlights.

In its secondweekend in Japan the film dropped a mere 4% on $8m for a $23.2m running total,while in Italy it dropped 26% on $3.6m for $12.2m.

The thirdweekend in France yielded $7.7m for a $32.9m running total, while in Germany inits fourth weekend it added $4.3m for $39.7m.

Nemo added $1.2m for $16.1m in its thirdweekend in Spain and in Switzerland it has became the second biggest grossinganimated title in history behind The Lion King after it grossed $1.2m for $7.3m in itsfourth weekend.

The film opens in Russia onDec 26 and its final market of Turkey on Jan 23 2004.

Scary Movie 3 opened top in Australia at the weekend,grossing $2.2m from 221 screens. The horror spoof has an international runningtotal of $2.6m after its first international outing.

Meanwhile theanimated title Brother Bear grossed $2.2m at the weekend to raise its international total to$5.5m.

Highlights werea number one bow in Brazil on $383,000 from 228 screens. In its second weekendin the UK the film fell 18% on $1.3m for $3m.

BVI alsoreported success with its local language co-production Ladies Night, a romantic comedy that opened in Mexicoon $1.3m.

Produced byformer BVI senior vice president of marketing Ignacio Darnaude, the film scoredthe second biggest opening ever for a local language title behind The CrimeOf Father Amaro.