Netflix-owned Red Envelope Entertainment snapped up North Americanrights yesterday [Tuesday] to North American rights on Michael Tucker and PetraEpperlein's documentary The Prisoner Or: How I Planned To Kill Tony Blair.

The picture will be released theatrically with additionalfootage in 2007, and will also be released across a number of platforms in acollapsible window around the time of the anniversary of the start of the Iraqwar.

The Pepper & Bones Films production received its worldpremiere earlier in the week and details the life of Iraqi journalist YunisKhatayer Abbas, who was wrongly accused of planning to kill the UK PrimeMinister and thrown into Abu Ghraib prison.

Red Envelope's Bahman Naraghi and Liesl Copland negotiated thedeal with Submarine and Cinetic Media.

"It is critical that as many people as possible see thisfilm," Tucker and Epperlein said. "We are thrilled to have Netflixand their innovative distribution model together with their technology on boardto bring Yunis' story to the public via multiple distribution avenues."

"ThePrisoner Or: How I Planned To Kill Tony Blair is a new approach to storytelling," Red EnvelopeEntertainment Naraghi called The Prisoner "a new approach to storytelling", adding:"[I] am pleased Red Envelope Entertainment has the expertise and tools tomake this film available to the widest possible audience."