German-born film academic and journalist Birgit Flos(pictured) has been appointed as the new director of the Diagonale for threeyears from 2005.

She will run the annual showcase of Austrian cinema in athree-person team together with critic Robert Buchschwenter (managing director,production) and financial consultant Georg Tillner (managing director, finance)and intends to continue in the tradition of previous Diagonales by presenting"the whole spectrum of filmmaking in Austria".

"At the future Diagonale(s), above all things, thefilmmakers should be presented and feted with their films! The Diagonale is thefestival of Austrian filmmakers," the new festival film team said.

In addition, Flos revealed that there were plans "toresume the nationwide Diagonale tour and we would like to ensure that theDiagonale as an event will also be presented internationally beyond thenational borders."

There are plans to show films in such towns as Sopron, Brno,Passau, Maribor and Udine - in countries bordering on Austria. "We will dowhat we can to strengthen the media presence of Austrian cinema and are aimingfor numerous cooperative ventures with all sorts of media," Flosexplained.