The organisers of nextyear's European Film Market (EFM) in Berlin (Feb 8-18, 2007) will now be offering film professionals three waysof attending the market.

As EFM deputy director KarenArikian told, the EFMwill have "alternatives which were not in place before. For example, forthe first time, we are offering EFM attendees the option of buying a Festivalaccreditation. It is no longer obligatory, which was something that confusedour clients in the past, with them asking why they must buy a festivalaccreditation if they are only attending the market/market screenings."

The Market Badge + FestivalAccreditation option, which authorises access to the main venue at the MartinGropius Bau, the EFM Business Offices (at Potsdamer Platz 5), the EFMScreenings, selected Berlinale press screenings, selected official screeningsin various festival sections, and admission to the Producers Lounge and paneldiscussions at the Berlinale Co-Production Market, will now cost $505 (Euros400), an increase of about 8% on 2006's Euros 371 (Euros 321 for the MarketBadge + Euros 50 for festival accreditation).

"We are also sellingthe EFM Screening Pass in advance which we did not do last year,"Arikian added. Costing $378 (Euros 300), this pass will give the holder accessto the EFM and Co-Production Market venues and EFM screenings, but not toFestival or press screenings.

The third option will be thestandard Festival Accreditation for $63 (Euros 50), which authorises access tofestival screenings and entrance to the Martin Gropius Bau and the EFM BusinessOffices.

The EFM notes that access tothe EFM venues for those accredited only for the festival "may berestricted" and that professionals with the Market Badge + FestivalAccreditation or the EFM Screening Passwill be "given priority access to the EFM."

This qualification hasarguably been introduced following the experiences of the first EFM held at theMartin Gropius Bau last February. On more than one occasion during the firstweekend, non-market badge holders were temporarily denied access because fireregulations stipulate that no more than 1,200 people are allowed to be insidethe building at any one time.

Meanwhile, there have beenprice hikes ranging between 30% and 65% in the charges made for hourly ratesfor market screenings: from $240 (Euros 190) to $315 (Euros 250) for apresentation in a cinema and up from $151 (Euros 120) to $252 (Euros 200) forvideo /DVD screenings.

"Screening fees haveincreased to a certain degree, but they remain within the range ofinternational standards," Arikian said. "In addition, we areexpanding our video screening facilities to the Marriott Hotel in order toaccommodate the increasing demand for more screening slots."