Deals lined up for When Horses Learned To Cry and The Disappeared Elephant.

From the 17 projects introduced to European and South American producers at the first San Sebastián Europe-South America Co-Production Forum two have closed deals during the Festival: When Horses Learned To Cry (Cuando los caballos aprendieron a llorar) by Nicolás Pereda, and The Disappeared Elephant (El elefante desaparecido) by Javier Fuentes-León.

Mexican drama When Horses Learned to Cry, produced by Edgar San Juan, will be a co-production between Film Rank (Mexico), Tornasol Films (Spain) and Ciné Sud Promotion (France).

The film tells the story of an old man who needs to reunite with his offspring to have them signed a land sale. This will be the fifth title by Nicolás Pereda, aged 29, after films as Perpetuum Mobile (2009) or Summer of Goliath (2010).

Peruvian Javier Fuentes-León had a great succes with Undertow (2009). His new film, The Disappeared Elephant, produced by Michel Ruben, has closed a deal of sales and co-production with Urban Distribution.

The film is, according to Fuentes León, “a psychological thriller with a touch of film noir”. It’s about a writer who receives some mysterious pictures related to the disappearance of his girlfriend five years earlier.

Producers selected to participate in the next Ventana Sur market in Buenos Aires are Luis Angel Ramírez (Claria), Michel Ruben (The Disappeared Elephant), Mikel Pruaño Etxebarria (Pietá) and José Nolla (Sexo fácil y chicas tristes, Easy Sex and Sad Girls).