Two New Line Cinema films - Craig Gillespie'scomedy-drama Mr. Woodcock and Liam Lynch's Tenacious D in The Pick OfDestiny - have won backing from a film fund run by Germany's ALCAS/KGAL.

According to ALCAS/KGAL, the fund's investorsdecided at their assembly in Munich last week to invest in the LandscapePictures production of Mr. Woodcock.

The film centres on a young man whoreturns to his hometown to prevent his mother from marrying his old highschoolgym teacher (played by Billy Bob Thornton) who made life a living hell for himand his classmates.

Lynch's music film Tenacious D in The Pick OfDestiny stars Jack Black and is co-written with Tenacious D's Kyle Gass andBlack. It is the story of how they became "the greatest band onEarth", and is to be produced by Ben Stiller's Red Hour Films and WorkingTitle Films.

ALCAS launched the MACRON film fund earlier thisyear to raise at least Euro 50m to invest in films distributed by New LineCinema.