With the new-look,compressed awards season looming on the horizon the last two industry bodieshave set dates for their 2004 ceremonies.

The Producers Guild OfAmerica (PGA) will stage its event on Jan 17 at the Century Plaza Hotel in LosAngeles.

The new timeframe is aprestigious one for the PGA, falling as it does in the middle of the AcademyAwards nominations window that stretches from Jan 2-17.

Meanwhile, the 56th annualWriters Guild Of America (WGA) ceremony will take place on Feb 21 - just eightdays before the Oscar ceremony - at a venue still to be announced. For the pastseveral years the WGA has hosted its big night at the Beverly Hilton.

Nominations for the 14thannual PGA Awards will be announced on Jan 5, some five weeks after thedeadline for film submissions on Dec 1.

"While the early datedoes present a host of new challenges for us, we are excited and honoured to bethe first major awards show of the 2004 season," PGA Awards co-chairs BruceCohen and Debra Hill said in a statement.

Industry bodies have beeneager to revise their calendars in the wake of the Academy's decision to bringits awards ceremony forward by roughly one month.