BeverlyHills-based New Films International will co-produce the supernatural thriller BloodyNumbers with John Wooand Terence Chang's Lion Rock Productions.

The productionis set to be one of the first to return to the French Quarter in New Orleans inthe wake of Hurricane Katrina and will get underway in the first half of 2006.

Woo's protegeArthur Anderson (the two are pictured) will direct the New Orleans-set tale ofa young woman who uses supernatural gifts to track down the serial killer whomurdered her sister. Anderson served as Woo's assistant director on suchpictures as Mission: Impossible 2, Face/Off and Paycheck.

BloodyNumbers is currently outto casting and is being produced by Christopher May and Katrina Nahikian, whobrought the project to Lion Rock, along with Lion Rock's senior vice presidentSuzanne Zizzi, and New Films' executive vice president Ron Gell and presidentNesim Hason.

Chang and Woowill serve as executive producers and Mark Clark is shepherding for New Films.