New York-based P&A financier Palisades Media Corp has bought the majority of Tartan Films UK's film library of more than 400 titles several weeks after the company went into administration.

The move follows Palisades' acquisition of Tartan's US film library in May. The catalogue includes Super Size Me, La Haine, Secretary, Etre Et Avoir and In The Mood For Love. Palisades will continue to acquire titles for the US and UK from existing sales agents and licensors.

'[We] see the potential for great synergy between the US and UK titles in marketing, digital, and the future evolving delivery systems,' Palisades Media Corp chairman and CEO Vin Roberti said. 'We believe strongly in the new digital world at Palisades, and will be aggressively ramping up future acquisitions.

'These recent transactions are part of the foundation of what we believe will be a major global catalogue of not just filmed entertainment but all forms of entertainment by 2010.'