The New York Film Critics Circle (NYFCC) will hold its annual vote on the year's best in film on December 10 and the awards ceremony will take place at Spotlight in New York City on January 5 2009.

The group's outgoing chair and Entertainment Weekly critic Lisa Schwarzbaum also announced that New York Press critic Armond White was elected vice-chair of the 30-member group for 2008 and will take over from her as chair in 2009.

In addition the NYFCC will host a series of panels and screenings in 2009 to celebrate its 75th anniversary year. 'Beginning in 1935 with John Ford's The Informer, the independent-minded NYFCC has recognised the best in moviemaking, championed by the country's finest critics,' Schwarzbaum said.

'With today's extraordinary commercial challenges both to the movie industry and to the business of journalism, there's no better time to draw attention to the important work the group had been doing for 75 years to keep film culture alive.'