Falco Ink partners Janice Roland and Shannon Treusch have promoted three account executives at the US publicity firm.

Steve Beeman becomes senior vice president, Erin Bruce is named vice president, and Betsy Rudnick becomes senior account executive.

'It's rare to find a team that has worked together as long as ours has - over 10 years with Steve Beeman and Erin Bruce, and over five with Betsy Rudnick,' Treusch said.

'Their hard work and dedication to their projects is evident in their campaigns and they are a valuable part of this team.'

Beeman has served as an account executive with the company since its inception in 1999 and previously worked at Clein + White. His credits include Good Night, And Good Luck, A Scanner Darkly, Cache, and Saw II and Saw III.

Bruce joined in 1999 after spending several years at Clein + White.
His campaigns include Amazing Grace, and A Prairie Home Companion, as
well as unit publicity for the upcoming The Jane Austen Book Club and

Rudnick arrived in 2002 and her recent campaigns include Starter For
10 and East Of Havana.