New Yorker Films has picked up Jia Zhang-Ke's Venice 2006 Golden Lion winner Still Life and has scheduled an autumn platform release in New York City followed by a nationwide roll-out.

Still Life chronicles the changes that sweep through an ancient town when a hydro-dam project forces families to uproot and move to a new suburb.

'I once walked into someone's room by accident and saw dust-covered articles on the desk,' the director said. 'Still Life represents a reality that has been overlooked by us. Although time has left deep marks on it, it still remains silent and holds the secrets of life.'

'I entered this condemned city with my camera and I witnessed demolitions and explosions. In the roaring noise and fluttering dust, I gradually felt that life really could blossom in brilliant colors even in a place with such desperation.'

Still Life has been playing in New York City this week as part of the Tribeca Film Festival's World Narrative Feature Competition.

Jia Zhang-ke will head the Cinefondation jury later this month at the Cannes Film Festival.