Brooklyn-basedSteiner Studios has struck a deal with River Road Productions to host the shootof Steven Shainberg's Fur, an imagined chronicle of the life of New York photographer DianeArbus starring Nicole Kidman and Robert Downey Jr.

Set constructionwill begin immediately on the 16,000 sq ft sound stage, one of two that will beused once filming begins in May.

Erin CressidaWilson adapted the screenplay from Patricia Bosworth's Diane Arbus: ABiography.

River Road's Bill Pohlad and Laura Bickford are financingand producing with Bonnie Timmermann and Andrew Fierberg. Edward Pressman willserve as executive producer. Shainberg directed Secretary.

"We're thrilledto have Fur and Nicole Kidman at Steiner Studios," Steiner Studios chairmanDouglas Steiner said in a statement. "With The Producers going full blast onthe adjacent four stages, and Fur moving in, we're completely full even before we've finishedbuilding and officially opened."