The Day After Tomorrowdid huge business in New Zealand on the weekend. The 20th Century Fox eventfilm grossed NZ$1,040,090 from 68 screens to record a screen average ofNZ$15,295.

Roadshow's Troygrossed NZ$446,928 from 73 screens in its third weekend on release to takesecond place and it was followed by Columbia TriStar's You Got Served, which took NZ$145,752 from 14 screens and UIP's Van Helsing, which took NZ$127,988 from58 screens. No other films took more than NZ$100,000 during the four days.

Essential's Elephant,one of two openers in the chart, claimed seventh place with a gross ofNZ$45,616 from eight screens, up from the five screens on which it previewedlast weekend. Classic Picture Corporation's TheHousekeeper just scraped into the top 20. Roadshow previewed Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mindand was rewarded the distributor with a spot in the top 10, but only just. Ittook NZ$39,698 from nine screens.