The Villageconvincingly outsold Dodgeball whenthey both launched last weekend, but the 20th Century Fox comedy turned thetables on its BVI competitor second time around. Dodgeball took NZ$275,743 from 50 screens to top the charts and The Village took NZ$234,410 from 56screens.

To add insult to injury, TheVillage could only claim fourth place due to the performance of twonewcomers, but at least one of them was a BVI title. Princess Diaries 2 - Royal Engagement grossed NZ$274,585 from 49screens, which was not much less than Dodgeball,and UIP's The Terminal soldNZ$262,079 tickets to 46 screens to come in third.

The only other new face in the chart was Thunderbirds. It took NZ$100,431 from 42screens for UIP, to land in sixth position.