UIP's Meet The Fockers remains on top of the NewZealand box office in its third week. The in-law comedy grossed NZ$345,778 from55 screens.

Roadshow's Constantine and Sony's Closer,both in their second weekend in cinemas, and Roadshow's The Aviator, in itsfifth week, again ran second, third and fourth.

Displacing Ray in fifth place, however, isBVI's The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, which grossed NZ$78,176 from26 screens in its first week on release.

Buoyed by continuing post-Oscar publicity, MillionDollar Baby, in its sixth week, also pushed above Ray, which has nowbeen around for seven weeks. Ray lost six screens, which didn't help.

The only other opener in the top 20 was Seed OfChucky, distributed by UIP. Cinemas sold NZ$27,670 worth of tickets to 19screens enabling it to claim the eleventh spot.

Two films took Million Dollar Baby's lead androse up in the chart. They were BVI's Finding Neverland, which rose twoplaces to ninth position helped by 12 extra screens, and Rialto's School OfSeduction, which crept back into the chart in its third week on releaseafter disappearing last week.